What is One Associates?

We, at One Associates, are working to create a new corporate culture, and to improve your adaptability to change

In this ever-changing environment, to develop into an organization that creates continuous growth, this requires a superior vision and management strategy, that has the future in mind, with activities aligned to this vision and management strategy, and moreover, this requires a corporate culture and behavior model that can acutely adapt to a significantly evolving environment.

One Associates Focus Area

Embrace “Empowerment” in your corporate culture

A highly adaptable corporate culture and behavior model, in this new environment, is a corporate culture and behavior model of empowerment, that can bring out the maximum capacity of each and every employee. We, at One Associates, are fostering the corporate culture, in order to build a corporate culture of empowerment, develop self-reliant and self-disciplined individuals, and develop empowerment leaders that have a huge influence on realizing these two.

Leaders would need to pay attention to the human side of change in order to ensure transformation

In the circumstances of these days, where the size of transformation is tremendous, and happening so quickly, in order to be on the sure track to acquire a corporate culture and behavior model of empowerment, one factor that cannot be left out is the raising of each individual’s capacity to change.
Overcoming change, and creating an organization realizing empowerment is exactly the mission of One Associates.

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Our company attributes

There is a moment that inspires people to change

From this “fork in the road” moment, we become aware our great potential, and we start creating amazing value.
We dialogue with executives, leaders, and individual employees to create these moments every day.

Learning and connections derived from dialogue

This is not a format where you gain knowledge from a unilateral lesson from the facilitator, but this is a format of plenty of multi-way dialogue between the facilitator, participants and others, with the facilitator making participants think, through asking them questions.
Facilitation of ones with a wealth of experience, along with naturally seeking the participants to actively participate, they will get them to be able to learn from each other.

The Five basic requisites that are emphasized

We have defined the five basic requirements for how to see things, how to think and the methods of philosophy, sought for from personnel that behave proactively, in a global environment. The program provided is not simply skill set training, but places an emphasis on how to display behaviors, being aware of these five basic requirements. In challenging the dialogues thrown out by the facilitators, the participants gain insight, which will support their being able to act, being aware of the five basic requisites.

The Five Basic Requirements of a Global human resources

1. Integrity — The Source of Independence
Integrity is the element that true leaders and global personnel must have to win others’ trust regardless of different historical or cultural backgrounds. In Japanese culture, the importance of sincerity is well accepted, but there tends to be a discrepancy between true intent and pretense in normal communication. Integrity means to work with true intent, without any dishonesty, in other words, maintaining consistency between your words and your actions. Our workshop allows participants to look closely at themselves to find their true intent.
2. Inside-Out — The Vision and Mentality that Supports Independence
Inside-Out is, no matter what is happening around you, you accept the environment you are placed in, and have a stance of taking initiative, in line with the organization’s vision and values. In our workshops and coaching, the facilitator uses storytelling and dialogue with participants to assist in shifting the perceptions of problems from external to internal factors (one’s own problems). This allows participants to get out of patterns of constant complaint, enabling them to instead think about what they can do.
3. Accountability — Behavior that Shows Independence and Commitment
While responsibility is the attribute one exercises in carrying out work or personal obligations, Accountability represents the effort to gain acceptance from the other person, you are explaining (reporting to) or communicating with, about the reasons, background and future of the things you were able to accomplish, or not accomplish, under your responsibility. By achieving accountability, it is possible to be trusted by the other person. On the other hand, By requiring accountability of subordinates or others, a person can bring about independence and commitment in others.
4. Connecting through Mission — The Force that Creates Value
This means being organic, or in other words, that individuals who are self-reliant influence one another deeply, creating value as they function as part of a group or system which they also uphold. When a person is able to achieve a heartfelt sense of mission, having gone beyond a cerebral understanding of their role to a comprehensive perspective on their environment, they connect with others and move toward taking actions that the future demands.
5. Opening One's Heart (looking inward, embracing diversity) — The Power that Gives Value Momentum
Opening One’s Heart represents the recognition of diversity, and striving to accept and understand the other person, as they are, holding onto your own thoughts, in order to create new value, from the differences. By overcoming geographic, economic, linguistic, religious, and cultural differences to share a meaningful perspective of what truly matters, a person‘s world expands and their ability to coexist over a wider region increases. This opens the door to the creation of new value. In order to be able to accept diversity, by accepting ‘yourself just the way you are’, you need to reflect on yourself, so you can restrain self-protective responses, and hold onto your own thoughts. The workshop facilitator works proactively to enable each participant to open their heart and look inward.

Rich experience in fostering implementing global-standard leadership in the workplace

Through our extensive experience providing leadership development support for some of the world’s largest companies, we have kept in constant contact with leadership trends as we have time and again implemented the latest research in the business workplace. We also draw on a rich history of teaming with consultants and facilitators from around the world to develop methodology and content for leader development.