We, who reside on this earth, are entering a new era, represented fully by VUCA, due to the global crises.
We are in a transient period, where the fundamental ways of thinking of economics, how to manage a company, how to work and how to live, has come into play, where the old and new are all mixed together.
With all of this chaos, anxiety increases, making it easier for instinctive defensive responses to be made, making it difficult to maintain a sense of calmness.
In order to live through this era, our advisor and behavioral psychologist, Dr. Cynthia Scott, says “It is important for us to stop trying to face things alone, but to seek connections with others, and their help, and to help others.”.
When facing a crisis, we tend to focus only on the danger that we see first, causing us to lose the opportunity that lies beyond it.
We believe that it is the leader’s role to hold hope for the future, think ahead of the future, and take steps towards its realization, without focusing too much on what is in front of us.
Under an ambiguous environment, there are many things that can’t dealt with through the conventional management and leadership methods used to date.
Therefore, we also believe that we need a leader who exercises Meta-Leadership, who can face the difficulty of aiming in one direction by involving stakeholders who have conflicting interests, without being bound by the framework of one’s own responsibilities and authorities.
We support all of you leaders who are aiming the highest goal, facing anxiety, conflicts and dilemmas, striving to unlock and unleash the potential of people, and create value from inter-personal connections, each day.

James Hayase