Privacy policy

At One Associates, we are aware of the importance of respecting the privacy of all of you who make inquiries, and the handling and protection of your personal information, therefore, we pay detailed attention to such. The guidelines for One Associations (1A), in relation to the management of personal information is as follows:

  • Personal information is email addresses, names, date of birth, and other items whereupon an individual may be identified.
  • At 1A, while we do collect personal information, such as email addresses etc., from those who submit inquiries, the purpose for the usage of such is limited to 1A providing you information by email, and will never be used for anything else.
  • At 1A, as staff process personal information, we provide the necessary and appropriate oversight, to ensure they handle the personal data safely.
  • At 1A, we will never provide your personal information to a 3rd party, without your consent. However, cases required under law, or to protect life or property will be excluded.
  • For inquiries or advice concerning personal information, please refer to the contact information below. We will respond quickly, and in earnest to all inquiries.

Contact point for inquiries concerning personal information

One Associates
1775-11 Aihara-machi Machida, Tokyo 194-0211