Service / Executive Leadership

This is a program for top business leaders, who are responsible for transforming into a global business

As the globalization of markets, production plants, supply chains and services themselves is speeding up, this requires leadership at the executive level, to lead the transformation of business, utilizing diversity, with the corporate principles and philosophy as the axis.

Focus on Leadership that influences employees, customers and society

It is difficult to influence the feelings and behaviors of people with just logic and rationale. What is required to create a new future or value, based on the trust of employees, customers and society is the presence of Executives themselves, being leadership skills such as how they deal with people, and their thoughts towards society.

Bring in 360-degree feedback, for self-understanding

As people rise through the organization, there is a tendency for feedback to drop off, unless they seek it out themselves. In order to objectively grasp the status of their own leadership development, it is important to proactively gain feedback from those around you.

Promote the process of self-introspection, through Team dialogue and coaching

In order to evolve yourself, without getting lost in past successes, utilize your own behavioral changes, gaining new perspectives and learning each other’s views, through Executive coaching or dialogues with other Executives.

Example of this program

Executive Coaching


For Executives, even though the process for self-introspection is so critical, often they are so busy, they push this off for later. Even if you reflect on the business itself, there are limitations to how much you can put into the introspection process alone, such as not being aware of reflecting on yourself etc.
Through the questions asked by the coach, the potential of the individual can be developed, or promote creative solutions, clearing the management goals or leadership issues, as we support the gaining of the thinking required and the know how needed to promote transformation management.


1.5 hours per session, with 1 session a month for 6 months

Expected deliverable

  • Gain greater understanding and learnings concerning the influence your behavior has on sustainable development of organizations and people.
  • Reflect on yourself, and clarify your goals, raising your commitment to changing behavior, in looking to achieve your desired results.
  • Regularly check your energy level and bring in the activities required to enhance your resilience.


Executive Coaching