Continuing to row, towards the future,
lithely and powerfully
Due to COVID-19, everyone is feeling the huge changes in the management environment. As we hold dialogs with all of you executives, who are envisioning your mid to long-term outlooks, we have learned that there is a common image that all of you have, concerning the leadership you are seeking to develop, and the human resources that will perform going forward. That is, human resources that have resiliency, or use difficulties as an opportunity for change.

On the other hand, there is the real issue of, even if they have such potential, they aren’t able to utilize such, or you aren’t able to discover such human resources.

Robert Walker Irwin, the descendant of Benjamin Franklin was one of the foreigners who worked to open up Japan, in the Meiji era, and was very close with the emporia family. Empress Dowager Shoken was so impressed by the 12 virtues of Benjamin Franklin, that she wrote 12 Japanese poems. One of which went “No matter how wonderful of a gem it is, if you don’t polish it, no beautiful light will shine forth. The same goes for humans, as they require daily training”. Her strong belief that the growth of a nation comes from polishing and developing people comes through clearly here.

We, at One Associates, are providing a program to develop human resources, so they can maximize their potential, and not just their own, but the potential of others, to develop human resources that are resilient, and have a growth mindset. We will fully support all of you leaders who believe in people, and will invest in them, without hesitation.

Of course the program can be done in person, or we are also able to implement online learning and coaching, virtually through telework.

Sustainable organization that will continue through the next generation as well.  ─ That is realizing “Empowerment”

There, employee who proactively take action, in looking to realize the vision, share a code of conduct, collaborate, and are seen growing lively.
It is our mission at One Associates to create such an organization that realizes empowerment.

Vision of an empowered organization

What’s new

What’s new

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Strategical thinking and Inside Out

We held “Accelerated Development Program” for our younger generation.  Ten years ago, I was lucky enough to be part of a leadership training program run by OneAssociates; it had a deep impact on my growth as a leader, and I still leverage the skills that I learned then.  Now, I am in a position to …