Change management case studies

With the coming of the digital era, the superiority of technology has been put into the spot light, and in line with that there have been changes in organizations and policies, introducing systems etc., where the speed of changes in business have increased.
Even if the form of organization changes on a certain point in time, or a new system is brought on line from a certain date, unless the people there change their awareness and how they do things, you will never be able to achieve your goals. When people face change, everyone of them have to experience the process of mentally readapting. Organizations that can evolve provide support to help people gain such adapaibility.

Change management case studies

We will introduce a cases of change management, where we supported transformation from people side of change.

Case 1: Strengthen ability to lead HR transformation

Industry Global brand
Background In looking to introduce a new HR management system, there was a need for the HR business partners to gain a greater understanding of change management, and with that, support was required so the respective managers could take efforts, and have ownership in the introduction of the new HR management system
Program implemented Mastering Change, Facilitation Skills
Audience HR Business Partner
Impact Introduction of the new HR management system=upon making assumptions on how people would respond to change, they were able to work together, closing the gap with the awareness and intentions of the managers, and as a result, the awareness of the people management has improved by managers in the field

Case 2: Strengthen employee ability to change

Industry Finance Division of a global insurance company
Background In association with the introduction of a new accounting system, they were scheduled to be transitioned into a strategic finance department. Along with that, there was a change in the roles and skill sets sought for. The Transformation Office was organized to handle team building and supporting the mental side of people’s transfers associated with the organizational change.
Program implemented Mastering Change
Audience All employees
Impact Gained hints on how to prepare for change to be faced in the future. Gain deeper mutual understanding among the members in the same team

Case 3: Strengthen manager ability to lead transformation

Industry Information service industry
Background With 2 companies, with different corporate cultures and HR systems, being combined into 1 company, various policies, including payroll, we renewed, and there were numerous negative responses assumed for when presenting such. People managers were required to grasp the status of each of their staff, and lead, bring their team together, utilizing their leadership
Program implemented Change leadership
Audience People managers
Impact They came to understand the methods for promoting and supporting their staff to overcome change, understanding how people respond to change. Also, they understood the steps for leading transformation, as well as the required thinking and skills, clarifying their priorities for their own inside out efforts.

Case 4: Learn thinking and skills newly required by employees

Industry Manufacturer
Background The program for employee performance management and evaluation had major changes made to it. Under the new system, managers were required to have high quality dialogs with staff, as well as feedback was required from managers to staff, and conversely from staff to managers, requiring the learning of thinking and skills for providing smooth feedback
Program implemented Developing a feedback culture
Audience All employees
Impact Able to share within the company, what feedback is and why such is required. Gained hints into how to seek feedback yourself, how to receive feedback, and how to use such for personal growth

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