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Leading organizational transformation

Bringing about true change means taking on the obstacles to change in people and organizations.

In many organizations they believe there is a need for change, and attempt to make such, however, those that are successful are the few in number. As most of them focus on ‘catching up’ to the competition, and do not place an emphasis on building a sustainable organization. A new change comes along just as you might overcome one change. In order to continuously be able to adapt to never ending change, you must increase the adaptability of people and the organization.

The main job of managers is to lead the team in an ever-changing environment.

The job of management has changed significantly over the past 10 years. There no more just a ‘manager’ position that exists. The main job of a manager is to lead the team, today, through the ever-changing environment. Managers need to be Change Leaders, which is significantly different than the role of managers to date. For organizations that must change swiftly, there is a need for all managers to acquire new skills.

In a changing environment, in order to lead a team, you will need to have various perspectives.

In the process of leading a team, in a changing environment, one guide for guiding leaders is never enough. While asked to maintain performance, under chaotic conditions, the team becomes confused, rebels and can become demotivated. You can expect the response from members to be different person to person. You need to study multiple options, from various perspectives in order to lead through change, and to guide your team.

Example of this program

Change Leadership


By studying with the tool “The 5 lenses”, which is a guide to Change Leadership, you will consider from a multifaceted perspective what needs to be done in order to create a sustainable organization, that brings out business results, in leading organizational transformation. Weight is placed on working on the philosophies, emotions and intentions of people, which cannot be left out in leading organizational transformation, where we provide specific skills and hints. Through this program, we will create a specific plan for collaboration and improve the skills required for such, in order to create momentum in organizational transformation, get people involved, and maintain the momentum of the transformation.


2days program


Managers and workplace leaders promoting transformation

Expected deliverables

  • Promote others overcome the Transition CurveTM, being people’s response to change, and understanding methods for assisting them
  • To promote and not obstruct change, understand how the culture of the organization can be utilized
  • Understand methods for involving stakeholders, in order to acquire the support for change
  • Understand how the change in roles and responsibilities and methods of collaborative work provide momentum towards change
  • Understand how to create a ‘Dashboard’ to measure and monitor change
  • Adapt tools and the concepts of the 5 lenses of Change Leadership, in the critical transformation you are leading


Theme Contents
Accept role of change leader
  • Change we are facing today
  • What is Change Leadership
  • Change Leadership is the 5 challenges in change
5 lenses in Change Leadership
  • Outline of the 5 lenses
  • Reflect upon own leadership (lens you use on a daily basis, lenses you don’t use)
  • Details on each lens, required skills and actions
Actions for promoting transformation
  • Organize the leadership actions required in each phase of transition
  • Create an action plan