Strategical thinking and Inside Out

We held “Accelerated Development Program” for our younger generation. Ten years ago, I was lucky enough to be part of a leadership training program run by OneAssociates; it had a deep impact on my growth as a leader, and I still leverage the skills that I learned then. Now, I am in a position to ensure that my own staff learn the lessons that they will need to be leaders for tomorrow. I cannot think of a better choice to partner in leading that effort then OneAssociates.

Michael Dykes, President and CEO of Expedia Holdings

The “Accelerated Development Program”, implemented by Expedia Holdings, the Japanese subsidiary of Expedia Inc, which is one of the world’s leading travel companies, experiencing major growth in Japan, actually was filled with an overflowing energy. They took the management issues, raised by the Representative Director, and put them into actions, improving understanding, while having individual study, pair work, group work and plenary sessions, using the strategic thinking framework.

The attributes of this program aren’t about people considering action, from the perspective as if they were in management. This is to realize ownership, from the perspective of Inside Out, meaning they are to take action, figuring out who in the field to involve, considering the management issues personally, and with their colleagues.

When looking closely at the discussions held, we could witness scenes where they were troubled, trying to figure out what they, as people with no authority, could do. They were left to develop their thinking, spending time between the thoughts of “I don’t believe this is my responsibility”, and “Even so, I believe there is something I can do”. As soon as one begins to be inspired, while it may go slowly, this leads to a change reaction of inspiration. In reality, more important than the contents of the inspiration in the axis being Inside Out called “Thinking under own accountability”.

It is the most beautiful thing to see things proceed through collaboration, while observing how young people change, not being caught up in the past, working towards a greater objective! “They are our hope and future.”

James Hayase, President of OneAssociates

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James Hayase

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